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Client Testimonials

At Home Inspections by Dana, we want to know what our clients think of our Inspection Reports and our Service.

What do you like about our inspection services?

Dana did an outstanding inspection of our soon-to-be home. The peace of mind that having a professional, objective eye placed on the house is a great value to both Dianne and I. He was extremely thorough, from crawling on roofs, to inspecting every appliance/receptacle/switch, to researching the age of the hvac system was impressive. He took us through finding by finding, showing problem and solution as well as cost and urgency. His report is very professional and gave us the tools we needed to make a sound decision on our new home! You need peace of mind when buying a home. We recommend Dana highly! Thanks again! B.T.

Dana is a great home inspector! He is honest and thorough. He takes his time and explains the good and the bad to my clients. A.C.

The complete thoroughness! Appreciate the time Dana took to go over everything with us. J.M.

We felt that you did a very thorough job. Very prompt in returning phone calls. Very flexible when needing to delay our inspection. Very happy with our decision to go with you! R.M.S.

Dana is knowledgeable and easily and readily passes that knowledge on to you. Even a brief conversation with him gives you the firm impression that his number one concern is that your house is safe and that you know what you need to keep it safe and in good condition. K.B.

Everything. The knowledge and time taken to explain findings or future issues is amazing. The thoroughness of the inspection and following report is extremely high quality, and as a first time home owner, I had a lot of questions, and Dana was patient and answered all my questions!!! I would recommend them to anyone who needs or wants a home inspection!!!! K.M.

As a first time homebuyer, I can rest easy knowing of any issues or potential problems now that the property has been thoroughly inspected by Dana. He is professional, and takes the time to go over every issue with you, be it minor, major or simply something you should look out for in the future. M.G.

Dana was very professional and courteous when setting up the inspection. Following the inspection he discussed all concerns and made recommendations for repairs. The written report was completed the following day and was very professionally done. I will definitely use their service in the future. B.H.

Dana is helpful, thorough with the inspection, and has the most detailed, easy-to-read report! G.W.

The personality, the instant feedback before he leaves the knowledge and years of experience. Also, the timely manner in which you receive an email with the full report. Thanks again for a wonderful job! I will recommend you to friends who need this service. J.J.W.

Dana is very thorough with his inspections and makes it very easy to understand with his color coding system. He's also very easy to talk to. J.F.

The inspection and walk through were very thorough, and very informative. Dana is incredibly knowledgeable. L.Y.

I am a very attention to detail oriented person, so it was nice having a second set of eyes that looks at things the same way I do. Dana was very knowledgeable and helpful. N.K.W.

The report is easily read, and the colored font that describes the degree of importance to monitor or the seriousness of an issue aids the buyer tremendously. It is extremely helpful that your report numbers the items. That makes for a more precise repair addendum that we (REALTORS) very often must complete to present to sellers. B.E.

We received a very comprehensive inspection from a highly skilled professional. Our inspector, Dana, walked us through our house and pointed out the items he found during the inspection and gave us very helpful information as to how to fix them or who could perform the repairs for us (i.e. plumber, electrician, et cetera). Our report was very comprehensive and left nothing to chance. This was our first experience with Dana and we are very happy with the service we received. S.E.P.

Dana explains things well and is very patient with buyer's questions. K.M.C.

Very thorough and knowledgeable. Willing to spend some time with me at my new house and explain the findings. B.W.

I liked that the inspector took the time to go through everything piece by piece with us while walking through the home. I felt confident in his knowledge, experience, and advice. I would definitely use Dana again! D.B.H.

Dana raises the industry standard for honest, thorough and accurate home inspections. They report home inspection findings as they are regardless of pressure or threat from the industry not recommending them to future home buyer sand sellers. Thank you. S.M.

It was clear that Dana knew what he was doing. I was confident that I could trust his judgment and that he would provide an honest and thorough report. K.F.

Very thorough and there were things that I did not have a clue that needed to be addressed. This inspection was well worth the money. I would not buy another house without a home inspection that would hire Dana. D.P.

We decided to go with Dana for the inspection of our new home based on a recommendation from a family friend and we are glad that we did. The report we received was very detailed and we feel comfortable with knowing the condition of the property we hope to soon call home. R.M.N.

I appreciate how thorough the inspection was, the amount of time that Dana took inspecting the home & explaining the results of the findings & the integrity of Home Inspections by Dana! Dana was very knowledgeable about the issues that were addressed in the report & I feel confident purchasing the home because of the explanations that were given. I highly recommend using Home Inspections by Dana & will definitely use their services in the future! D.G.

Dana was very professional and detailed. He helped me understand the inspection process and most importantly the results. He made himself available for further questions as well. He went above and beyond. I would highly recommend Home Inspections by Dana. S.F.

Great and honest people. Inspection put in to terms anyone could understand. Will walk you thru the whole home and explain in detail what is what. S.A.

My inspector was very polite and provided me all the information about what to look for in a house. He was very professional and I would highly recommended or use him again. M.A.

Dana was very thorough and took time to go through all his findings and what they mean, also gave us a very nice color prioritized inspection report. Thank you! V.M.

It was very thorough and Dana did a great job explaining everything in a way that even I, a first time home buyer, could understand. A.A.

I liked the inspector he made me feel safe and that he enjoyed what he was doing and it wasn't about the money. M.C.

I appreciate how thorough the inspection is. I also appreciate the color coded report, makes it easy to review with clients. S.T.

Very thorough and helpful, explanations were clear. Inspection was easy to read. J.H.

Personal attention and ability to ask questions also like how thorough Dana was in his inspection. M.W.

Quick and professional customer service. Thorough inspection and great communication. J.B.

Very thorough and honest... We appreciate the time you spent ...we will use you again. B.H.

We had used Dana in the past for an inspection of a previous house we were buying & had such a good experience with Dana. He is very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. We recently used Dana to inspect a house we are purchasing and once again had another great experience. We would definitely highly recommend him to others for their home inspection. D.L.

I love the owners of the business, they are great! I would definitely recommend Dana to my associates, family, and friends. The inspection was detailed and the inspector is extremely knowledgeable. This company has strong business ethics and a professional attitude. The report we received was clear and easy to understand. Pictures were attached, as well as ideas to professionally correct any deficiencies. This inspection is worth every penny!!!!! Thank you!! M.B.

Dana was very thorough and took time to explain everything that he found during the inspection. R.K.

The reports you offer are thorough and make it easier for buyers and sellers to distinguish between cosmetic issues and actual defects. My clients have always been happy with Dana and the quality of his inspections. He is very good at giving the customer a summary at the end. T.T.

It was very comprehensive and thorough. The inspection report gives you peace of mind that if there are obvious defects, or other issues with the home, they will be noted. It also points out areas that are not defective but might need to be addressed in the near future. M.S.

Dana was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have used him in the past and never had an issue arising from the inspection points. I like the recommended maintenance pointers, it really helps a first time buyer or any buyer with their home maintenance schedule. J.T.

Dana took his time in the home and explained all the issues he noted very thoroughly. His report was above and beyond any other home inspection I've seen. I won't use anyone else for my future home inspection needs. B.R.

From the buyers prospective the home inspection was extremely helpful! I was thoroughly impressed with the inspector and his attention to detail. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job for the buyer than he did!! K.F.

Dana is thorough and knowledgeable in home construction and understanding; he also is a good source of advice for what to look for going forward. I've had substandard inspections before from other specialists; this is the second time I've used Dana and I highly recommend him. If I need another inspection, I will ask for Dana again. R.K.

Dana is very friendly and efficient. Dana kept me aware of everything going on and anything that I needed to be concerned about. This is the second time we have used them, and will recommend them to others. S.F.

I liked how thorough Dana was with the inspection. It felt good knowing that everything in the home had been looked at and checked. I'm very pleased we choose Dana! Z.G.

Dana was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He knew exactly what to look for and where to look. He provided a wealth of knowledge about the home we are looking to buy. M.M.

The inspection and the report were very thorough and detailed. S.C.

Very thorough explanation and detailed report. I appreciate the color coding system and the description of how to understand the systems in the home. The service was also prompt and I had the report within 24 hours of the inspection. A.R.

Dana did a very thorough inspection. He even battled the snow and ice outside to be sure he completed his job. J.G.

Very wonderful customer service and the information was explained thoroughly in detail in the inspection report. M.R.

The inspection was thoroughly completed, and afterwards time was spent explaining the findings. All questions were answered clearly. I have a better understanding of the home I am purchasing. R.H.

I appreciate the fact that Dana was very knowledgeable, detailed and thorough with this work. You can tell he takes pride in his work. So I felt safe and relieved that he would do an outstanding job on the home inspection. M.C.B.

Very professional and explained all areas of the inspection. Loved the information that was provided and resources that came with their service. I would HIGHLY recommend Home Inspections by Dana! C.S.

Excellent customer service. Very detail oriented and has an extreme knowledge and expertise in home inspection. Would do business again if needed. J.K.

The inspector made the inspection report very easy to understand. We are very happy and would recommend to anyone. Thank you! K.E.

The Inspector was very professional, discussed everything he was going to do before the inspection was done. After he completed his inspection, he debriefed me on his findings, showing me the photos he had taken. Finally, he recommended corrective and preventive measures I could take to alleviate the problems he found, including the procedures on how to accomplish them. He was very informative and helpful. I would certainly recommend Dana to any home owners identifying problems with their homes. This company is a great example of one who cares more about the customer's satisfaction than the money it is making during the inspection. C.C.

Dana was extremely professional and friendly. This is my second time having him inspect a house for me and I could not be happier with his services. J.O.

The inspector was extremely friendly, easy to talk to, explained everything in detail and was very nice! Thank you for helping us w/ this huge process!! G.J.

The inspection was really detailed. The inspection report was also very well organized and easy to follow. We liked the fact that the different levels of things needing attention were color-coded. A.H.

Our inspector did a wonderful job of inspecting the house thoroughly. He also took the time to explain everything to us and answer any questions we had and show us specific problems at the home itself. We were very pleased and will definitely recommend your services. C.B.

We wanted an inspector that was honest and that's what we got. I would highly recommend Dana to any of my friends that needed a home inspection. G.P.

Professional, thorough, and responsive. A.R.

Dana was very considerate, thorough, and answered follow up questions. He was very knowledgeable and helpful going over the inspection report. Setting up an appointment was easy. I would highly recommend their services. J.P.

Dana was extremely friendly and explained exactly what he was going to do while conducting the inspection. Dana was also very professional and completed the service in a timely manner and forwarded the information to me as he had originally stated. J.D.

Dana was very detailed in his inspection. He took the time to go over everything that needed fixed and/or looked at. C.C.

Dana was very knowledgeable and upfront with what he did and how he did it. He answered all the questions and concerns about the house I am about ready to purchase. A.D.

Prompt, on time and very professional. Dana gave me background info on services and how long he’s been doing home inspections. He made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. Took great pride in his job and I felt that he was looking for everything that would be important to me, as a first time homebuyer. I had my daughter with me and he told me specifically why things were a concern, especially having a young child in the home. S.G.

The inspection was extremely thorough and detailed. The inspection report was well formatted and applied directly to property. The images included in the inspectors report made it very clear as to where some maintenance issues may arise in the future. Although the property was relatively sound, the inspection allowed me to plan for future maintenance upgrades without having to find out about them the hard way, i.e. when they break. K.S.

Dana was wonderful. He explained everything in person and in his report. He did exactly what we paid him to do. Although, the listing agent didn't agree. I am very sorry about that. We appreciate your service and saving us money!!! J.M.

Promptness, knowledge, friendliness, compassionate about your work. Thanks for the great job with both our homes!!! G.P.K.

The inspection of my house was done with professionalism and care. Nowadays companies try to get by with charging the most, while providing the fastest cheapest service possible. Home Inspections by Dana is one of the few that is quite the opposite. The friendliness, diligence, and pride that was shown to me throughout the whole process is incredible. I would recommend Dana to anyone looking for a quality inspection provided by quality people. R.K.

The report was the most thorough report I have seen. I have completed many real estate purchases that require home inspections and this was THE most well done report I have seen. B.S.

The thoroughness of the inspection and how clearly it was explained at the end of the inspection and in the detailed report. J.N.B.

The inspector was very thorough with his inspection and was a help in my final decision to buy the home he inspected for me. T.S.

Dana was very professional, concise and explained areas of safety concerns. He pointed out positives too - which were nice to hear for both the buyer and the seller. He seemed very experienced and confident in his assessment. The appointment was easy to make and they were able to schedule in a timely manner. They were very efficient in completing the report and getting it to us immediately. The findings helped us determine what repairs were needed and also gave us peace of mind regarding the investment we are about to make. S.H.

I was impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism exhibited by your inspector. But what especially got my attention, was the information provided in your report that went above and beyond a mere inspection: background information for why certain requirements were in place, regarding electrical, plumbing, foundation, etc. I only wish that information was given to me when I became a new homeowner years ago; it would have alerted me on what to look for, and what improvements to make to insure our home remained in top notch condition, not to mention being more knowledgeable so I could better deal with home contractors I made need in the future, in my own best interest. I highly recommend Dana to all buyers and sellers who need your services. R. C.

Dana was very easy to work with and the inspection report was very detailed and easy to understand. D.H.W.

During your inspection, you questioned the life of the roof and possible problems with the air conditioning and electrical systems. Because of your findings, the seller replaced the roof and made repairs to the air conditioning and electrical systems. That saved me almost $5000!! I closed on the home and am now a proud homeowner. Thank you for your part in making my dream come true! A. V.

We feel your inspector was very detailed/thorough and spent time carefully looking at all details of the home. He took the time to explain details and made suggestions about how we could enhance the home. We felt we had someone looking out for our best interests. We chose you because we wanted a non-biased opinion and heard about your through friends.H & S T.

Your inspector was very thorough and prompt in his inspection. He answered our questions regarding the home without making us feel incompetent, and in a way a homeowner would understand. He gave us easy-to-do tips to help us do minor repairs. You really put our minds at ease and reassured our home-buying decision. We were very pleased. B & D C.

Your findings were a striking contrast to the sellers disclosed condition of the home. Your findings gave me an accurate assessment of the home and saved me thousands of dollars that otherwise, I would not have been aware of until I purchased and occupied the home. I can't thank you enough for your valuable services. S. M.

Thorough attention to detail. Courtesous attitude of inspector. Keeps client informed. Keeps clients best interest in mind. M & J B.

The inspection was very professional and detailed. The report is very detailed. Great digital photos and descriptions of problems that were found. M & M S.

Thorough!  Concise!  Detailed!  Professional!  Dana was Great! D. J.

Great service!!  Well explained!! B. J.

Pre-listing inspection/prior to selling. Prompt service (response to phone calls, scheduling of inspection, completion of report)! Quality and thoroughness of inspection! Thorough and effective communication! R & P N.

Inspector was very personable & knowledgable. P. M.

Professionalism. Obvious knowledge of the varied subjects involved. Thoroughness. J. B.

Very detailed inspection and information in report. J. Hinds

Prompt service. Explained the problems. Excellent response of information. P & J S.

The thoroughness of inspection and report. The level of detail. L. B.

Incredible telephone follow-up. I felt very free to call for additional information. D. T.

We appreciated the detailed report and the prompt courteous service. K. M.

Dana's knowledge of building homes and the mechanical components is definately his biggest asset. We had complete trust in his abilities. D. L.

Professionalism!  Friendliness!  Promptness! R. P.

The inspectors communication skills were great! P. W.

Digital photos of the home in the inspection report are great. The report was very easy to read and understand. B. M.

Explanations! Thoroughness! Report layout! Recommendations! Promptness of report! L. L.

The explanations of cause and effect of damage found. How complete and detailed the report was! The flexibility of scheduling when things changed and willingness to work through scheduling problems. D. B.

Your attention to details and thoroughness. S. W.

The report was completed in a very timely manner and was easy to read. JJ L.

I liked the fact the service was so thorough, pointing out problem areas that need immediate attention, and the areas that need attention, but can wait a bit. Marsha was very professional, kind and knowledgable. It was a pleasure dealing with her. V. P.

The service was very professional and the inspection report was very well put together. It was concise and very easy to follow. I felt very comfortable with your services. JK P.

The inspector seemed to inspect everything. We got the results back the next morning. The inspector answered all my questions and did not leave a mess. He was very friendly and knowledgable. M. H.

Dana was very informative and kind. Marsha was also very kind and was able to adapt to my needs quickly. Keep up the Great Work! J. B.

Marsha speaking with me and taking my inspection order while doing continuing education out of town. Awesome! Totally above and beyond the the Norm! Keep up the Great work! M. M.

Easy to contact and work with. Great attitude and personality. Love the color prioritized findings in the report. B E F.

Great follow-up on repairs made. Thorough report and quick response. JB C.

Good call on the foundation and structural support problems! I took your advice and had a contractor further evaluate the problems. They were as you stated; Structurally Deficient! The problems are now being corrected. Thank you. C. W.

I appreciated the time that was spent explaining everything. S. M.

Inspector was thorough, friendly, and professional. The report is easy to understand and use for future reference. A. S.

Being able to speak with the inspector directly and quick return phone calls. Quick reinspection on items repaired. Service was awesome. We appreciated everything. Thank you. S. S.

Inspector took time to explain everything very well. T. S.

I appreciated the thoroughness to detail and the helpful suggestions for repair on consideration of repair. I think in a house of this age (22 years) the inspection is appreciated by the perspective buyers and the realtors. I'm really glad I made the decision to have the pre-inspection. S. M.

Professionalism and attention to detail. Communication in lay terms. K. M.

Excellent presentation! Very helpful photos. Easy to read report. Great inspection! M. W.

Very friendly & professional service. We love the detailed report! We had some questions and called Dana, he was very helpful in explaining everything. J. B.

Truthfullness and honesty in the report and explanation of findings. T. D.

Very thorough, did not appear to be rushed for tiime. Took time to explain findings and answer questions. C. P.

The detailed report and color photos. I am happy with the home inspection. Thank you for taking all the time you did on the older home I chose. K. R.

Very thorough and extremely impressive with binder we received. A. R.

The complete explanation of your service, how the rating works and any questions I had were answered completely. Great job! Thanks very much. G. P.

Methodical, sequential and thorough. D. E.

Detailed report and explanation of report. E. K.

It appears that the inspection was very comprehensive and thorough in both the execution and compilation. B. M.

Detailed report! Explanation of problems and concerns with the home. Color coding of report. A & V V.

I appreciated the professional manner and explanation I could understand. N. M.

Very thorough. Took as much time on a small house as a larger one. Ability to call back with questions. S. I.

I liked how the inspector showed us the findings and presented information honestly and professionally. S & T T.

Attention to detail and thoroughness of home inspection. R. S.

We liked the detailed report. Even delivered to our home. L & P P.

Prompt reply to telephone message. Dana took time after inspection to volunteer ideals and personal feelings on the home. M. G.

Dana was very detailed about all aspects of the home. I really appreciated his professionalism. J. S.

The report complete with pictures helped me negotiate a roof allowence. The service is great! J. W.

The inspector was very thorough. Comments were excellent, advising us to check further on several concerns. B. S.

The personal touch and the indepth report. P & D A.

Gave explanation of what repairs needed to be done. C. N.

The very detailed report. J. E.

Quick to get the job done. Professional. Did'nt get to meet Dana, but Marsha is very nice. A. M.

Everything went exactly as stated and on time. I really like the future and on going maintenance tips. L. K.

Dana was very thorough with the inspection. He took the time to discuss his findings with us. D & S C.

Outstanding initial inquiry on the phone. Truly professional and courteous. Inspector posesses excellent communication skills. Keep expanding your knowledge of homes, to provide continued excellent service to future home buyers. R & A K.

The inspector knew what he was talking about and explained it to me. E. A.

I felt as if Dana was inspecting the property as if he himself were buying it. N. B.

The inspection report is very detailed. I just used the maintenance information this morning to determine how to get the GFI outlet to work in our courtyard. The report is superior to reports from other vendors I had looked at previously. D. S.

Loved the detailed explanation. I consult the report regularly to find out where things are and what their purpose is. J. K.

Dana did an outstanding job in communicating to us the priorities to resolve any issues. T. S.

Detailed in the report. Report delivered to me the next day. M. H.

The detail of the report was great. It informed us of exactly what we were looking for. S. & K. C.

Very detailed report. Liked the color-coding of items. Seller pre-inspection. J. W.

The inspection report was great. I learned alot more about the home than I expected too. The maintenance information was/is helpful. D. P.